My wife Janet and I would like to take a moment and share our amazing and most positive recent experience with Pathway to Canada with Shawna Elyse and Luning .

I am Canadian and Janet is American . We considered 4 different groups last year to assist us in this endeavor .  Thankfully we agreed to engage Pathway to Canada and there is NO doubt the others would have never done as much heavy lifting as this group has . It is an understatement to say ours was a complicated one .  Because we traveled extensively we had to deal with issues that most generally would not deal with and the Pathway to Canada group did magnificently given our unique circumstances

The extra paperwork alone for all the  day to day issues was quite remarkable but never once did we ever hear one complaint from any of the group and each and every time they arose to the  occasion and made sure Janet received her PR regardless of the challenges we have faced over this last 16 months or so .   Space does not permit us to say everything we would like to but suffice to say Pathway to Canada is leaps and bounds over any other group out there in our humble opinion .   We would be happy to respond to any questions you might have but Pathway to Canada is the only one you should ever consider .

Best regards   Pat  & Janet    214 431 5238 ( US number through skype )

Pat & Janet